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🙈 Why people don't subscribe to your channel:

Because they have no special reason to.
After all, your channel will still be there tomorrow.
Even if they love your content, they can just come back if they want.

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Tribe Leads Youtube Locker allows you to make a special bonus, available only to your Youtube subscribers.
This bonus can be anything: a private video, a PDF cheatsheet or action plan, a coupon code.
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🤔 How does it work?

  1. Make a special bonus for your subscribers: a Youtube unlisted video is a good practice, but it can be anything
  2. Use Youtube Locker to make a link that will unlock the bonus only for your subscribers
  3. Promote your bonus: Mention it in your videos, put the link below your videos
  4. See all your new subscribers coming!

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Your new subscribers have already chosen to see more of your content.
They're really interested in what you have to say.
You only get the cream!

⚡️ Crazy effective

Asking to subscribe in exchange for a bonus is a very small commitment.
People know they can change their mind easily.
So they're not reluctant to sign up.

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